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Akashic Records

The gateway to the Akashic Records is through the Heart, through Unconditional Love.

What are the Akashic Records? 

Lately there have been more and more questions to understand the need and abilities of connecting with your Akashic Records.

First, we must understand that everything works with memory. Our body is the way it seems because it contains memory. Our habits too our bound by our memory. Similarly, there is a collective memory and there is also a universal memory and in effect, these memories play a very big role in our day to day lifestyle.

The Akashic Records are understood as "a universal memory of existence", similar to what would be a "Cosmic Internet". In it resides the multidimensional space with all experiences of the soul including all knowledge and experiences of lives: past, present and future possibilities. 


What information do these Registers keep? 

This energetic system contains: 

• All the potential attributes that the “Soul” possesses for its evolution in this life

• The true reason for this birth and the meaning of existence

• All the pending learnings and lessons

• The answers to the big questions and curiosities of life


What does "Akashic" mean? The akashic adjective comes from "Akaśa", an existing term in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, which means 'ether': space or cosmic energy that penetrates the entire universe. This subtle vehicle carries sound, light and information: the basis that constitutes energy and Life. The Akasha, according to legends and traditions, is all that has been and all that is and will be. From there it is possible to be born into different soul realities to have experiences that facilitate evolution; the learning of consciences. 


How long has this practice been around? 

Accessing and reading the Akashic Records is not a recent practice, rather the opposite. Many years ago many great civilizations knew it. In Egypt, they are known as the "Tablets of Thoth", in the Catholic Bible as the "Book of Life", in Islam as the "Eternal Table" and the great Mayan empires called the "Psi Bank". 


How do the Akashic Records work? 

It is very interesting to know the process of exploring the Akashic records. First is the formless Divine Source, the origin of Creation. From there arises the first crystallization of the spirit, the ether, the Akasha or the primordial substance, which are the Records. All the thoughts, all the words uttered, all the emotions felt and all the actions committed by people throughout time; they exist on this plane in the form of vibrational frequencies. The most common and practical information that the Registries can provide is that which helps people understand themselves better, it is that which allows them to evolve and become aware of why certain things happen, why some patterns are repeated in the individualities of all lives.

Why should you get an Akashic Record reading?:

A reading will help you to understand yourself on a deeper level with which you can build confidence in yourself and live the life you want and deserve. By Awakening the healer and the Divinity, that exists in you for you will help you heal your own life and choose your next road wisely.  The main objective is your well-being and to show you that it is possible to Free yourself from your own ties and chains of thoughts to continue growing; and to teach you to use the tools that exist within yourself to vibrate higher and dream bigger.

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