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AVS Cosmic Therapy

Principles of the Institute of Integrative AVS Cosmic Science:

Based on quantum physics, all matter is made up of energy and energy is made up of vibrations. Each human body (including the organs, cells, atoms, and subatomic particles of an individual) has its own frequencies. In addition, each human body has five bodies: the physical body, the energy body, the mental body, the causal body, and the supercausal body; all these five bodies have their own frequencies. An individual's thoughts too have their own frequencies and thoughts are affected by psychic impressions (residues of past traumas and negative emotional and etheric situations) stored in the causal body.


The cells of an individual's body resonates with the frequency of that individual's emotions (mental state) which in turn are controlled by thoughts. When these frequencies go below a certain level, the individual manifests illness. At higher frequencies, the individual experiences excellent health.


The exchange of energy between individuals is a natural fact: an individual can increase the frequency of another individual by transferring positive energy. The human body is capable of producing the medicine necessary for a cure from within, at healthy frequencies. By detoxifying the patient of physical, emotional, and etheric toxins and raising the cellular frequencies, it is possible to achieve a cure. The AVS Cosmic therapy works with cleaning and raising the cellular frequencies to treat and enhance your health.

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