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Sound Healing training course

Sound Healing is an ancient form of practice using internal and external sounds for healing or achieving a deep state of relaxation.


The Tibetan Singing Bowls are instruments used to produce sound and vibration. The deep resonance and vibration of the singing bowls have a very calming effect as it heals your mind, body and soul.

Sound therapy is starting to be taken more seriously.

Mystics have always believed in its healing qualities, along with shamanic healers, Tibetan and ancient Egyptians. Now science has started to justify why it works.

- Christine O'Grady

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Sound Healing training course curriculum

 group sound healing session, surrounded by Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments for therapeutic vibrational healing
Yogesh Mewani Sound Healing training

Level 1: Training course to practice on yourself; Learn:

  1. ~ meaning, history AND core principles
    ~ Meditate with the use of the BOWLS
    ~ method to play the bowls WITH VARIOUS TECHNIQUES
    ~ Aura cleansing and Space cleansing
    ~ use the bowls to give yourself a Sound Bath AND sound massage
    ~ ENHANCE the practice with vocal sounds and beej healing mantras

  2. Level 2: Training course to practice on yourself and others; learn:
    ~ Meditation techniques with the bowls for group events
    ~ Learn how to design and conduct sound healing sessions and workshops
    ~ regular practice videos to be shared + regular reviews to be conducted before group sessions

Yogesh Mewani Sound Healing training

Take away from this course

A certificate of completion

  1. A Deep understanding of sounds and vibrationS

  2. The ability to conduct personalized/group sessions and workshops

  3. Knowledge and experience in a holistic healing practice

  4. A deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and the ability to share the same with others with the additional training course

  5. Personal well-being, clarity, positive attitude and peace of mind and sharing the same with others

Yogesh Mewani Sound Healing training

Benefits of Sound Healing:

~ deep state of relaxation and serenity

~ Profound meditation experience

~ De-sress effect on the body and mind

~ rejuvenation, peace and traquility

~ healing of emotional and mental issues

~ Healing effect on Chronic illnesses like asthma, arthritis, fatigue, BP, etc

~ improves the quality of sleep or reduces insomnia

~ changes in the endocrine system with the sounds and vibrations

~ The sound creates a profound space for self-introspection and self-awareness.

Yogesh Mewani Sound Healing training

Who can join this Sound Healing training course?

All individuals who are ready to vibrate with the energy of mother nature and the universe. 

If you want to enhance your meditation practice, or simply learn a new form of raising your self-awareness, you are absolutely welcome to this course.

If you are passionate about music, working as healers, alternative therapy practitioner, well-wisher or even ready for healing and transformation on the mind, body and spiritual level, you are most welcome to this course.

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