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"The meditation with Yogesh has helped me find a good sense of balance and renewed energy that I desperately needed at this time. The strategies shared have been wonderful as well as the resources. I really enjoyed the variety of teaching methods, as well as Yogesh's enthusiasm towards the subject."

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had with you in today's relaxing meditation session. It was truly exhiliring and blissful. You transported us to a different world altogether and it was an amazing feeling.

We once again thank you for the wonderful experience.

Lots of love, bless you !!


Hi Yogesh, I wanted to share my experience with you for yesterday's session. I had suddenly developed some pain in my left shoulder two days prior to the session which was really bad, was unable to even raise my hand straight up. But I kept doing first 2 movements with little break after few repetitions. By the end of the session my pain was 70% less. And today almost gone, only 5% in some movements. Thank you very much, I am sure I was carrying something in my mind unknowingly and you helped me greatly to remove that. Can't thank you enough for being there for us whenever we need. We are blessed.

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Thank you very much to Yogesh for a great healing session! I am sure that God put you in my path for something amazing!

Healing Stones

Hi Yogesh, I want to thank you from my heart for guiding me and taking the time and patience to understand me. It’s so easy to communicate with you because without having to make an effort with words you understand, and no matter how much the forces put me off meditation, releasing there you appear and with few words make me change my atitude 360 degrees. I am truly blessed 

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Yogesh the course with you has been impressive. The best experience of my life. I have felt such a connection that it is difficult to explain it with words, you have to do this type of course to really know it. I have freed myself from so many internal things and now I feel so much peace, light, happiness, it is indescribable. The best 7 hours I have ever been able to give myself and quite well worked. Thank you Yogesh for sharing your wisdom with the world. Looking forward to the next course. I adore you teacher.


Hello Yogesh, thank you very much, this day and the session with you has been wonderful, it has been a long time since I felt so well, I am still in a cloud. You do not know the peace and tranquility that you give me when I talk to you. Thank you very much for your help.

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