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Photograph of Yogesh Mewani, Psychotherapist adn Energy Healer, taken at Meditation Retreat

I am Yogesh Mewani, and I am deeply committed to the fields of Psychotherapy and Energy Healing.

With over 12 years of dedicated experience, my mission is to guide my clients on a transformative journey, allowing them to transcend their current state of consciousness. 
As a spiritual healer, I employ a diverse range of healing practices that are seamlessly woven together to nurture the growth and evolution of each individual.

My ultimate aim is to assist all, enabling them to shed old limited belief patterns, illuminate their present reality, and construct a brighter future. 
Together, we embark on a profound exploration to restore the harmonious balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

I specialize in over 10 healing modalities and remain committed to continuous learning and growth. During our sessions, you'll experience a harmonious fusion of these mastered disciplines, resulting in deep and transformative healing experiences. My journey spans more than a decade, and I have emerged as a communicator at the soul level.

My Mastered disciplines include:
Master Reiki Kundalini | Master Reiki Usui | Reiki Karuna level 2 | Theta Healing level 2 | Master Sound healing | Master Akashic records | Rec
onnection Therapy |  Jin Shin Jyutsu | Sacred Codes  | Magnified Healing | Master Therapist in AVS Cosmic Therapy | Master Therapist in AVS Cognitive Therapy 


To view the Frequently Asked Questions about Healing, Therapy, Yoga and Coaching sessions with me 



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